What is Massage? What do I do?

Holistic Massage is extremely powerful and effective form of medicine, both in mental and physical ways: Physically causes relaxation and muscle toning, the stimulation of blood flow and the carrying of oxygen to the brain, as well as the removal of toxins. It also causes stretching of the articulations. Mentally it relieves stress and anxiety and helps the individual to become more conscious of his body as a whole entity. I work holistically and my practice is informed by an intuitive awareness of the client and their present state. The massage is done in a meditative state and deep breathing, trying to induce a calming and soothing sensation and to help the client breathe deeper and slower, thus diminishing stress and opening up the muscles restricting the rib cage.

Swedish Massage

Very relaxing technique. Uses vigorous Kneading and effleurage movements in order to stimulate circulation and blood flow and permit lymphatic drainage Good for:

  • Muscle aches and pains
  • more energy
  • increasing wellbeing
  • relieving symptoms of depression / anxiety
  • the release of emotional physical tension

No Hands Massage

One of the most powerful methods of releasing the tension in the spinal column, hips and neck. This massage uses the strength and weight of the massage therapist's body and arms to cause a deep relaxation in the client

  • Improving Body awareness
  • Self healing
  • profound relaxation and sense of wellbeing
  • Rejuvenation / replenishing energy

Recovery Massage

This style of massage is done with much more sensitivity and gentleness and is destined for people who are convalescing from long term illness and elderly people. It takes in consideration more delicate and not toned bodies and skin. Penetrating and deep massage is not appropriate here. These people also suffer from problems in articulations and have difficulties with movement. The skin is much more fragile. The treatments have the target of introducing the quality of touch and increase the clients awareness of their bodies and self healing properties.