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VTCT in holistic Massage / Thai massage certificate / NO hands massage certificate

Throughout my professional history I have combined different techniques from the classical kneading and effleurage to the stretching of limbs, and using the forearms for deep tissue massage. I work on a comprehensive assessment of the client, and vary the approach and pressure of touch according to different needs.


Reiki can be defined as a non physical healing energy made up of life force the ki which exist everywhere. The Reiki practitioner becomes a channel for this. Life force has an intelligence of his own flowing where needed and creating the healing conditions necessary for the individual needs.

Holistic Massage

Looks at the whole person and aims to relieve stressful habits and induce relaxation by the quality of touch and breathing. The client will improve his/her awareness of his physical and emotional body condition and have a chance to correct posture and breathing patterns by the induced massage touch. With massage it is much easier to perceive what feels right for the persons wellbeing and health.